He held a … Hill's Regiment of Light Dragoons Month & Year Established: Commander: Misc. In the United States, there were four regiments of light dragoons and other mounted forces that fought in the Revolutionary War. Light Dragoons A Progressive American Revolutionary War Enacting Group "the sword is the most destructive and almost only necessary weapon a dragoon carries" -- Major Richard Call, 3d Dragoons to Governor Thomas Jefferson March 29, 1781 "Continental Light Dragoon" Painting by Don Troiani, www.historicalimagebank.com The 1st Continental Light Dragoons, also known as Bland's Horse, was a mounted regiment of the Continental Army organized between 13 June and 10 September 1776 in Williamsburg, Virginia from eastern and northern Virginia for service with the Continental Army.. History [edit | edit source]. The 1st Continental Light Dragoons were re-assigned to the Southern Department on 8 November 1778 when the Corps of Continental Light Dragoons was broken up as an organization. Continental Troops: 2d Regiment Light Dragoons, 1776-83 (12); Continental Troops: 3d Regiment Light Dragoons, 1779 (13); Continental Troops: 4th Regiment Light Dragoons, 1778 (14); Continental Troops: Lee’s Legion (15); Continental Troops: Armand’s Independent Corps of Light Dragoons… Col. The 2nd Continental Light Dragoons, also known as Sheldon’s Horse after Colonel Elisha Sheldon, was commissioned by the Continental Congress on December 12, 1776 and was first mustered at Wethersfield, Connecticut in March 1777 for service with the Continental Army. Tarleton was appointed Colonel of the 21st Light Dragoons on 24 July 1802. In April of 1781, Brig. He was brevetted to General on 1 January 1812. He had hoped to be appointed to command British forces in the Peninsular War, but the position was instead given to Wellington. Samuel Tate: William Buford: Samuel Tate: Known Captains: Robert Alexander: Nathan Armstrong: Jacob Barnett American Brig. James Hawthorn. There are many images of British soldiers dating from the era of the American Revolution, but they're "generic"; they show us typical soldiers, but not specific men. The regiment was officially re-organized on 1 January 1781 consisting of four mounted and two dismounted troops and redesignated the 1st Legionary Corps. Gen. Thomas Sumter had authorization from Gov. Horry's SC Light Dragoons were not at Charleston, but were effectively silenced in battles just before and just after the Fall of Charleston. Dragoons also fought in the War of 1812, but by 1815, all of the mounted forces had been disbanded. Lt. Col. William Washington, with his 3rd Continental Light Dragoons and 200 of Maj. James McCall’s SC State Cavalry were dispatched by Gen. Daniel Morgan to attack about 250 Georgia Tories under the command of Georgia Loyalist militia Col. Thomas Waters. John Rutledge to raise five new regiments of SC Troops. Players: July 1780 - Militia. April 1781 - State Troops Col. William Hill: NONE KNOWN Known Lt. Colonels: Known Majors: William Buford. This assumption is incorrect as the 1 st Light Dragoons were never part of Lee’s Legion – in fact, early on in the war, the opposite was true. John Battin, 17th Light Dragoons, is Photographed I don't post pictures on this blog because I write about common soldiers as individuals.