Technology - MAiko Endo

Feature Film by Maiko Endo I 2018 I 83min

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Feature Film by Maiko Endo

Technology , 2013, 73 min

She – a child from moon – is kidnapped by a divine, invisible light. She is taken to the land of the kidnapper, Earth. She drifts; her translucent, alien appearance draws the eyes of the people of the land, the people do not know from where she has come, but her smell intrigues them. The people of Earth search for a rare, sacred plant, originally used as an offering to their gods and consumed by participants in ritual sacrifices. But the land of Earth no longer sustains the plant and the trading of it has become a dangerous game. The film follows the journey of She and Loverboy – a dealer of the sacred flower’s seeds. Led by the invisible force of the kidnapper, she is soon caught in a delusion of their strangely automatic, lonely honeymoon. She looks at the moon, and, not knowing from where she has come, dreams of her home. She wonders if this new life on Earth is exile – or escape. (from CLOSE-UP) The Libarated Film Club