Video by Maria Tereza Alves I 2021 I 45min

Video Multichannel, Stereo Sound, Color, 45min

Cinematography / Location Sound / Editing / Color Grade / Sound Design / Mix

Maria Thereza Alves transforms the first floor of the foundation into an ideal place for sharing memories of anyone who listens and looks.
The artist has invited the musicians from different countries take place to play in the frescoed rooms on the first floor. The story consists of a series of videos where musicians, migrants and inhabitants or passers-by of the city are filmed while playing instruments from different cultural traditions.
The project is completed with a series of educational activities, workshops and guided tours, which will take shape within the foundation and in the territory it inhabits, with the aim not only of deepening the artist’s project and stimulating visions towards new narratives, but to develop and invent models of shared use of the museum space. Fundazione Morra Grecco