Work and Life

2021 “Gerrilla” preparation Shoot, with Iván Argote, Paris.



2019 Editing in the Dark, New York.

2019 Filming Sticking Dawn with Gelatin & Liam Gillick, Vienna

Photos: Marlene Rosenthal

Photos: Marlene Rosenthal

Photos: Marlene Rosenthal

Photos: Marlene Rosenthal

2018 Mixing with Clemente Castor, Principe de Paz, Mexico City.

2015 Filming Tennnagers with Alexandra Bachzetsis and Olga, Zurich.


2017 Work in progress Installation Performative Ellipses, Mexico City,


2017 Color Grade Karl’s Perfect Day, estudio de produccion Mexico City.


Aaton XTR S16mm  –  made in  1982

RED Scarlet – made in 2012

2017 Color grade of Arboles, estudio de produccion 2014.


2008 Filming Chew The Fat with Rirkrit Tiravanija and Dominique Gonzalez-Foester, 2009 Paris.


2008 Installing WAKE -UP with Allora & Calzadilla at The Renaissance Society, Chicago, 2008.


2008 Calibrating Rooms, Colonia Roma, everyday.


2014 Lung Neaw visits New York, Lung Neaw Visits his Neighbours, New York 2012.


2009 Documenting Still Life with Xitle and Spirit with Jimmie Durham, Mexico City.


2009 Filming Cables with Juan Carlos Martin, Mexico City.


2014 Filming The Death Of Ray Kurzweil with Raphael Siboni and Fabien Girod, Xico Mexico.


2017 from analog tape to digital, Sounds Like Isolation to Me, Mario Garcia Torres, Mexico.

2014 Editing FICunam, Short Festival Trailer

2015 Color Grade Atalantis by Ben Russel.

2000 Telephone Recordings Hans-Ulrich Obrist and Sylvère Lotringer, Paris ARC.